news | Exceeded 2 million of registrants on HTML5 game 'Flyff Universe'

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The number of registered users for 'Flyff Universe', an HTML5 game developed by Galalab Co., Ltd. (Seongnam-si, Korea, CEO Kim Hyun-soo), a connected subsidiary of our company, has exceeded 2 million.

 - Overview of 「Flyff Universe」

"Flyff Universe" is developed as an HTML5 game (*1), users do not need to download an app, and can easily enjoy the game on a PC or mobile web environment.
"Flyff Universe" is the HTML5 version of "Flyff Online", which has exceeded 50 million downloads in total. After the global service started on June 14, 2022, the number of users including Southeast Asia reached 500,000 within 5 days of service start, and the number of registered users exceeded 1 million on July 15, 2022. After that, the Japanese service started on August 15, 2022, and as of October 3, 2022, it exceeded 1.5 million users, and now it has become a game enjoyed by more than 2 million users.
The HTML5 version does not require a download, and you can simply enjoy the game in the web environment of PC and mobile. Considering users who have enjoyed "Flyff Online" as a fan for a long time, we provide a service so that you can enjoy it as a classic version of Flyff in the early days, and you can enjoy it with your family in a cute fairy tale-like world and characters.
Going beyond the current HTML5 version, we plan to implement the Play To Earn (P2E) (*2) function in the future to provide services as NFT games/blockchain games (*3).

*1: HTML5 games refer to games developed using version 5 of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Unlike existing app games, it is a game that does not require an app download and runs on a web browser.
*2: Play To Earn (P2E) means that income or points obtained in blockchain games can be converted into cryptographic assets and traded on exchanges.
*3: NFT game/Blockchain game refers to a game in which in-game items are 'NFT (*5)' using blockchain (*4), a technology based on cryptographic assets. It is also known as GameFi (a coined word that combines game and decentralized finance).
*4: Block chain is a method of synchronizing and recording data such as transaction information by combining encryption technology on multiple computers constituting a distributed network. It is a structure that connects and accumulates like a chain.
* 5: NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is digital data that is issued and traded on the blockchain, just like cryptographic assets.

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