About Gala Lab

Gala Lab is a fresh air and fragrance in the networking world and will spread it’s unique and new joy to gamers all around the world. Furthermore, we strive to become the dream company that bears the fruit in the gaming industry to share with people around the world.

Connect : Networking world that connect via games

Gala Lab would like to use games, which has become an ‘industry’ and ‘culture’ from a simple ‘pastime’ as an active window of communication with you. As many people in the present day connect with one another via games and breaking the barrier of off/online, Gala Lab’s game will strive to be at the heart of the free communication among the gamers all around the world with various cultures and languages.

Joy : Company that spreads Joy

Using the service knowledge that we have built over the years, Gala Lab would like to spread the joy of meeting its games in Korea, as well as the various countries in the world. Also, with the games that have the ‘fresh air and fragrance in the networking world’, Gala Lab would like to become the ‘joyful company’ with it’s unique and enjoyable games.

​Connect + Joy : Global cultural company that unifies with joy

Game is culture that brings joy to the people as well as a valuable industry. Also, it is doing it’s role as a ‘cultural evangelist’ that ties players around the world with ‘joy’. Gala Lab will continue to strive on creating games that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves games