Corporate Culture


Create New Cultural Value


Create innovative technology


Sublime the value of trust

Working Atmosphere

Selective flexible working hours
Select a time between 9 AM to 11 AM to start your work to maximize your workflow.
Free Dress Code
Free and comforatble dress code
Convenient Commute
Connected to Shinbundang Line's Pangyo Station for convinient commute.
Equal Ranks
Focused on job role rather than the person's title and have an atmosphere for voluntary and creative works

Relaxation and leaves

Free use of paid leaves
Gala Lab employees can use their paid leaves freely within their allocated limit.
Various paid leaves
Operates various paid leaves and expenditures systems such as congratulatory and condolences, physiological leaves, substitutionary leaves, etc.
Happy Lunch Time
Employees can enjoy their 1 hour and half lunch break on every Wednesdays.

Driving force for growths

Self-improvement costs support
Annual self-improvement costs are supported to be used in various fields such as hobbies, cultural activities, etc. to improve employees’ duty performance and individual competence.
Job training education program
Provide various job training education programs that is required for duty's role.
Holiday/anniversary support
Gift cards are provided in order to commemorate national holidays and employee's brithday.
Congratulatory and condolences
Expenditure & leaves for congratulations and condolences and presents are provided for marriage, child birth, condolences, etc.
Stock option support
Stock option is provided in order for the company and the employee to grow and share together.


Free Coffee
Provide a high quality coffee bean, support for employees to enjoy coffee at a discounted price by affiliating with coffee companies.
Dinner Support
Dinner is supported for employees who is working overtime.
Late night Commute support
For the safety of the employees, the actual expense for late night commute costs are supported for those returning late.