Privacy Policy

Gala Lab Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') strives to comply with privacy regulations and relevant laws and values the customer's privacy. The Company will provide the information on purpose and use of the personal information that the customer provides through this Privacy Policy as well as on what measures are being taken to ensure the security of the personal information. The Company will notify through the Website's announcement feature (or a separate notice) if the Privacy Policy is revised.

Items of Personal Information

The Company is collecting the following personal information for Recruitment, consultation, etc.

Items Collected

1) Name, birthday and year, gender
2) Password, Password security question and answer
3) Home telephone number, home address, mobile phone number, email, job, company name
4) Hobby, marital status, Korean resident registration number, religion, academic background, body measurement status, family member information

Personal information collection and use

The Company will use the collected personal information for the following purposes.
1) Required Information : Name, Korean resident registration number, ID, Password, Email, Address, Contact Information, Password Security question
2) Processing the recruitment process, modification of the recruitment application, Checking the recruitment status result, communication with the recruitment applicant, confirmation of licenses or certificates

Period of retention and use of personal information

In principle, the Company destructs personal information of users without delay when the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved. However, the personal information of the recruitment applicant is stored in the Company's human resource bank for regular employment use if needed. If the recruit applicant requests the removal or destruction the information, the information is destructed immediately.

Procedure and method of destruction of personal information

In principle, the Company destructs the information immediately after the purposes of its collection and use have been achieved without delay. The procedure and method of destruction is as follows:

Destruction procedure

The information provided for the customer, such as joining the website, is transferred to a separate DB (in case of paper, a separate filing cabinet) after purpose has been met and is retained as required by internal regulations and relevant laws and government regulations (refer to Period of retention and use) for a certain period and then destructed.

Destruction method

1) Personal information stored in the form of electric file is deleted by using technological method making that information not restored
2) Hard copies of personal information by shredding with a pulverizer.

Sharing collected information

In principle, the Company will not share personal information with a 3rd party. However, it can be shared with the following exceptions:
1) If the users consent the sharing in advance
2) If required to be disclosed by the laws and regulations or if required to be disclosed by the investigative agencies for detecting crimes in accordance with the procedure and method as prescribed in the laws and regulations

Commission for collected personal information

The Company does not commission the customer's information to an outside company without the consent of the customer. If such case arises in the future, the Company will announce the commission recipient and the commissioned work and if needed, will ask for the customer's prior consent.

Right of the Users and Legal Representatives and method of execution

1) The users can always access the personal information that is registered and modify it and can request for the removal of the information. If the customer desires to the removal of the personal information, please contact the person in charge of management of personal information in writing, phone call, or email and the Company shall act immediately.
2) If the user requests a correction due to an error in the personal information, the Company shall not use or provide the personal information before the correction is finished.
3) The Company shall process the personal information that has been requested by the user or Legal Representative to be withdrawn or deleted as stated in the 'Period of retention and use of personal information' and will not allow it to be accessed or to be used outside the purpose stated in the section.

Installation, operation, and refusal of automated collection method of personal information

The Company does not operate an automated collection method for automatically created personal information during the use internet services such as cookies.

Technical and managerial measures for protection of personal information

In order to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage of personal information of the users, the Company takes technical and managerial measures for securing safety as follows:
1) Countermeasures against hacking
The Company strives to make the best effort to prevent the leakage or damage of personal information via methods such as hacking or computer virus. In order to prepare in the case of damage of personal information, the data is backed up regularly, measures such as using the newest anti-virus program are being used to prevent the leakage or damage of users or other user's personal information, and encrypted transmission is used for a safe transfer of personal information through the network. Firewall system is being used to block unauthorized access from outside and the Company strives to have other technical measures being implemented to ensure other systematic security.
2) Minimizing and educating the staff dealing personal information
The Company is limiting the treatment of personal information related duty to only the appointed staff and a separate password is issued for this purpose, which is renewed regularly. The staff is educated on a regular basis in order to comply the Privacy Policy.

Personal Information related Customer Service

The Company has designated the following department and staff member in order to protect the customer's personal information and to process customer services related to personal information.

[Personal Information Protection Manager]
Name : ByeongCheol Lee
Department : Business Management
Position : Department Manager
TEL : 02-6949-4811
FAX : 02-6949-4888
E-mail :

[Personal Information Protection Staff]
Name: ShinJung Yoon
Department : Business Management
Position : Manager
TEL : 02-6949-4811
FAX : 02-6949-4888
E-mail :

Address : 5F, KRAFTON Tower, 117, Bundangnaegok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13529, KOREA
Telephone : +82-2-6949-4811
FAX : +82-2-6949-4888
Hours of Operation : Mon ~ Fri 10:00 ~ 13:00 / 14:00 ~ 19:00 (Closed on Sat, Sun, Korean National Holidays)

The customer can inquire all concerns related to personal information to the personal information protection personnel or department. The Company will review all inquiries related to this and will respond to them as soon as possible. For users in Korea, if you have other concerns for invasion on personal information and if you need to report or require consultation, please inquire to the following agencies:

Personal Information Infringement Report Center(Korea): (In Korea) tel)118 (
Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
Korean Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cybercrime Investigation Division : (In Korea) tel)1301, (
Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau : (In Korea) tel)182 (


We inform that the "Gala Lab Corp Privacy Policy" is not applied for personal information that is collected on websites linked within the websites serviced by Gala Lab Corp.