We are looking for talented individuals
who wish to create ground-breaking gaming company
Individuals with a global mindset
Individuals who turn their eyes to the global market and envision a larger market with a global mind as well as fluent in foreign languages.
Individuals who value people
Individuals who value their colleagues’ happiness as much as their own
Individuals who think
Individuals who doesn’t do their job routinely but add their own thoughts and improve it
Individuals with passion
Individuals with a clear vision on what they want to do and display their passion and energy
Individuals who know the value of outcome
Individuals that speak about the outcome of their work through their own talents
No. 1 Global Online Community Company in the world

Gala Lab does not only focus on Korea but also to the large market in the world and through our many group companies and partners, we strive to build a network to provide a global service. We promote the interaction of people of the world via internet communication related services, growth of company via new economic value creation, and contribute to world peace by promoting international interaction.

Gala Lab Guidelines

① Global Access, Local Action.
② We never fear failure, but challenge for innovation.
③ We provide customer driven quality.
④ We start first and are the fastest.
⑤ We create innovative value.
⑥ We work as a team for our success.
⑦ We never stop but go forward for further growth.
⑧ Strive to be number one by continuing to offer best value.
⑨ We never discriminate by nationality, race, gender or age.
⑩ We always obey the law.